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Our Mission
The TaylorMade98 Foundation was founded in 2011 and is a non-profit organization whose vision is to "Encourage Our Youth"  to be responsible leaders within their family and community while exhibiting committment, dedication and discipline to their education, goals and athletic prowess.


     We will fulfill this mission in the following ways:
  • By inspiring young people to excellence: holding up the greatest players and coaches in the history of the game as role models and enshrining them and their achievements in the College Football Hall of Fame.
  • By exciting young people, and those who influence them, about the game: in particular, managing the College Football Hall of Fame in such a way as to dramatize the history, exhilaration and value of the game to an ever broadening audience of fans and potential fans.
  • By developing, managing and promoting model football programs, which further strengthen the educational and character building qualities of the game.
  • By honoring, publicizing and providing financial support to high school and college football players who represent our ideal of the scholar-athlete.
  • By continuing a grassroots movement, through local chapters, while involving football fans, coaches, educators, the media and former players in the implementation of the programs, which will fulfill our mission for America
  • Through this mission, The Foundation serves not only youth, but the nation as well.
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