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Phil Taylor

Phillip Taylor is a graduate of Gwynn Park High School’s (Brandywine, MD) Class of 2006. It is here that his commitment and dedication to the sport of football developed and flourished. Phil was awarded an athletic scholarship based on his athletic prowess by the Penn State University (State College, PA) and subsequently Baylor University (Waco, TX) after transferring. Phil proudly received his Bachelor’s Degree from Baylor University in May 2011.
Phil’s upbringing in a dual parent home, as well as the immense support from his maternal and paternal grandparents, established a great appreciation for family and community. During his senior year at Baylor, he elected to travel to Kenya in an effort to fellowship and assist in impoverished areas of the country. At the conclusion of his mission, Phil returned with an increased awareness of the socio-economic plight of youth from the United States and abroad. It is from his interactions during this global community service mission that Phil knew he wanted and HAD to do more. As fate would have it, in April 2011, Phillip Taylor was selected as the 1st round draft pick for the Cleveland Browns. Phil immediately recognized that this enormous blessing would afford him the opportunity and ability to be the socially conscientious contributor to the many communities that have touched him, in particular concentrating on the youth.
Phil is humbled at the opportunity to assist youth in Washington, DC.
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